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A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire (uncompressed HD version)

Published April 1906

This is an uncompressed HD version of the famous film. Not all machines and players can successfully play this film. It is suggested that you determine compatibility before attempting this massive download. A high-quality (DV25) version that may be easier to work with is located here:

This file was made by SpyPost in San Francisco in fall 2010 from a new 35mm print made from a new duplicate negative made by Film Technology Company from a vintage print from the Prelinger Archives collection.

Producer Miles Brothers
Audio/Visual silent, B&W
Contact Information Rick Prelinger,


Miles Brothers


Reviewer: claren44 - - December 1, 2011
Subject: Amazing!
The h.264 version is amazing! I have never seen a clearer print of this film! Thank you IA!
Reviewer: barticle - - October 26, 2011
Subject: Great historical film.
I downloaded the 62.8 M file. This is a much better copy than other versions I have seen. I've watched this several times; there's always more detail to be seen. I was fascinated by the man with the long beard standing at the Ferry Bldg, at the very end. Notice also how the same 3 or 4 automobiles keep circling around the cable car. It seems there were few traffic rules at the time. There is also a 3D version available on this web site--requires 3D red/green glasses. The effect is definitely spooky.
Reviewer: superdudemiles - - October 26, 2011
Subject: AMAZING
At the time I had it on wide sreen with Hammock and Sigur Ros playing over the top. and it was so moving.
Just thinking about all thoose people and how different life was.
Also the end of this is so worth it.
Reviewer: sakkirook - - August 30, 2011
Subject: Human Nature
It is oddly endearing that folks in 1906 mugged for the camera as much as we do now for TV news. I mean, did they really think that they (or friends) would see themselves in the nickelodeons?
Reviewer: GapOkie - - August 30, 2011
Subject: Famous Pre-Earthquake Film
Can't help but notice the chaotic traffic. Kept waiting for an accident. As written elsewhere, this is a great insight of life in early 1900's San Francisco. It's poignant knowing the great earthquake is just ahead.

Too bad I can only give it 5 stars.
Reviewer: jazzfan - - August 29, 2011
Subject: Thank You Miles Brothers
I just d-loaded it and I'm going to add some nice jazz to it. Maybe some Miles or even the Mills Brothers. Tower of Power would be nice.
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